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Spartan Beast Race

The Spartan Beast is one of the longest, most difficult “mud runs” in the US. It is a 13+ mile obstacle race that includes everything from ropes to tires to agility all while hiking up a ski mountain. R.E.S trainee Lindsay Branscombe will be competing in this 6-8 hour long endurance race. She has been […]

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Cardio: Making Cardio Fun

Making cardio fun, most people neglect their cardio session in the effort to avoid the boring hamster effect. You know, round and round and getting nowhere fast. Try mixing up your cardio remember the treadmill , elliptical, recumbent and stationary bike are all interchangeable, or add in a exercise class every now and then. High […]

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Pro-Fit Judo Club

Pro-Fit Judo! Saturday Schedule: Kid’s Judo 10 am,  Men’s Judo 11 am. Monday & Wednesday Schedule: Kid’s Judo 6 pm, Adult Judo 7 pm.